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The smartest way to extend the style and space of your home.


We create home studios that grow with you. From our inspiring architecture and world class materials,  to seamless delivery and installation, every aspect is tried and tested to provide lasting value, without the stress. 


Stress less! All our home add-ons are pre-certified. Our Council Advisors also help you with the approval process, free of charge.

Simple council process

simpe council process

Every element of your studio is fine tuned by leading architects to maximise the function and style. Mix & match design choices to customise your perfect space.

Architecturally designed

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Simple and heavy machinery free installation, plus materials built for Australian conditions mean you can simply install, furnish and enjoy forever. 

Built in days, created to last

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We’ve painstakingly critiqued our materials and manufacture to minimise damage to the environment and maximise ongoing energy efficiency for you.

Sustainable & ethical

sustainable and ethic


We’ve spent years fine-tuning the design and manufacture process, so that you can customise your perfect combination of modern functionality, beauty, luxury and quality, at an accessible price point.


We specialise in guiding our customers  through the council process in a linear way that removes uncertainty. With BIBO, you know that your studio adheres to council requirements. 


Top shelf materials, architectural design, a 10-year warranty and simple delivery & installation. What's not to love?!

Why Bibo

How It Works

Whether you're ready to go, or just want to know what's possible for a backyard granny flat or studio, our team of Architects and Construction Experts are on hand to help, free of charge. We'll work with you to choose a size, add any customisation options and advise on installation.


Your BIBO Build arrives flat packed, with everything needed to construct your habitable space in a matter of days. Simply furnish, move in an enjoy!

How It Works



The "Bronte" is beautiful single-room studio that makes the perfect escape

Size: 3.3m x 4.0m*

Single room

The "Burleigh" can be two rooms or one large studio, making the perfect small living space for a backyard granny flat

Size: 3.3m x 7.9m*

Double room

Our "Barossa" multi-room living space is perfect as a small standalone home, or a large addition to your existing home.

Size: 3.3m x 11.7m*

Multi room

*Sizes are approximate




To learn more about ordering your very own BIBO, get in touch today

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