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The BIBO process is simple and easy

Your BIBO comes ready to install. Our installation partners are a network of qualified builders, who share our passion for building innovation and excellence.

Together with our partners, we offer a turn key solution from design, council and build.

Your biggest decision would be customising your BIBO. You can lean on us for the rest!

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1. Explore our standard range online. There are 3 building width with various facade design options. The building size and layout are flexible.

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2. Get in touch! Our team will work with you to customise BIBO to your requirements. We can also advise on Council requirements. Call BIBO on 02 9160 2222 or email to with your requirements.

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3. We build your individual quote and timing plan, and outline the exact council process required for your project.

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4. A site inspection of your property is necessary to identify services locations and building restrictions.

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5. Upon order, the contract is signed and payment made. Refer to FAQs for more information.

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6. Your BIBO is made to your order, delivered in weeks and installed in days. 

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