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Customer Only Referral Program

Thank you for choosing BIBO.


As BIBO owners, you may refer your family or friends to receive $1000 cash reward. They will also receive a $1000 discount to their BIBO due to your referral.


Know someone who would also love a BIBO? 

Join our referral program by entering your details below! 

Been referred by someone? Here's how it works!

How it works Icons-01.png

1. Tell us who referred you at the time of enquiry.

How it works Icons-02.png

2. Work with us to create your perfect space solution.

How it works Icons-05.png

3. Upon order, the contract is signed and your $1000 discount is applied. 

How it works Icons-06.png

4. Your BIBO is made to your order, delivered in weeks and installed in days. Your referrer receives $500 cash! 

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