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We’re on a mission to help home owners love their space even more, by creating

customisable home add-on solutions that grow with you.


We’ve spent years fine tuning the design and manufacture process, to create the perfect combination of functionality and beauty at a more accessible price point.


Installed seamlessly for immediate habitation, with certification taken care of by us.

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We will help you to navigate the building certification or/and Council approval process. The standard BIBO range is Council pre-certified as granny flats and backyard studios. All BIBOs comply with Australian building codes and standards.

Peace of mind

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We’re making space beautiful. Every single element of a BIBO has been fine

tuned by leading architects to maximise the function and look of your new home


Inspiring architecture 


Our customisations are as varied as your taste. That’s why you can mix and match from our most popular design choices. Create a space that not only truly reflects you and your family, but is functional and thoughtful. Have something specific in mind? Just get in touch with our design team!

Unique customisations

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From start to finish, we take the stress out of extending your space. Not only are our home extensions council certified, but they arrive ready to go! No cranes, machinery or heavy construction. Simply install, add your furnishings, and enjoy.

Perfect simplicity

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We’ve painstakingly critiqued our materials and manufacture to minimise damage to the environment and maximise ongoing energy efficiency for you. Save money and minimise environmental harm.



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A unique combination of technology and design means we waste less material and less time. We invest this saving into top shelf construction as standard, not as an upgrade. So the price we say, is the price you pay!





Want to talk?

Schedule an obligation free consultation with a BIBO expert!

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