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A Comprehensive Guide to CDC - Simplifying the Building Process

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

When it comes to construction or building projects, navigating through the various permits and approvals can often be overwhelming. However, there is good news for those seeking a simpler and more streamlined process - Complying Development Certification (CDC). In this blog post, we will explore what CDC is, its advantages, and how it can make your building dreams a reality without the usual red tape and complexities.

Building construction taking place in a backyard

What is Complying Development Certification (CDC)?

Complying Development Certification (CDC) is a fast-track approval process for certain straightforward building projects that meet specific planning and building standards. It is a joint initiative between the state and local governments in New South Wales (NSW), designed to provide a more efficient alternative to the traditional Development Application (DA) process.

CDC aims to expedite approvals for low-risk, standardised building works, offering an efficient and predictable pathway for various construction projects. The concept is based on predetermined development standards that must be met to qualify for CDC approval.

What Types of Projects Qualify for CDC?

CDC can be applied to a wide range of building projects, including but not limited to:

  1. Single or two-story homes

  2. Home renovations and extensions

  3. Granny flats (Habitable: max 60m2)

  4. Garages and carports

  5. Garden sheds (Non-habitable)

  6. Studios (Habitable: Max 36 m2)

  7. Swimming pools and decks

  8. Demolitions

  9. Commercial and industrial developments (subject to specific criteria)

It's essential to consult with local authorities or a qualified certifier to confirm whether your project falls under the CDC category.

Construction workers carrying a building frame

Advantages of CDC

  1. Speedy Approvals: CDC applications are generally processed much faster than the standard DA process, typically within 10-20 days.

  2. Certainty: The CDC pathway offers certainty as it relies on predetermined standards, ensuring a clear and predictable approval process.

  3. Cost-Effective: CDC often proves to be more cost-effective than the traditional DA route, saving applicants time and money.

  4. Reduced Paperwork: Unlike the comprehensive documentation required for a DA, CDC applications involve less paperwork, making it more accessible to homeowners and builders.

  5. Minimised Council Involvement: CDC approvals are typically handled by accredited private certifiers, reducing the need for extensive council engagement.

  6. Efficient Process: The streamlined process ensures that projects meeting the CDC requirements can move forward with minimal delays.

A construction worker setting up a building frame

Key Considerations for CDC

While CDC offers a simplified approval process, it's essential to consider the following aspects before proceeding:

  1. Compliance: Ensure that your project meets all the necessary CDC standards, including building codes, zoning regulations, and development guidelines.

  2. Professional Certifiers: Engage qualified private certifiers who are accredited by the local authorities to handle CDC applications on your behalf, and other third-party consultants as required, such as structure engineers, arborists, and bushfire consultants.

  3. Environmental Considerations: Pay attention to any potential environmental impacts, such as the impact on trees, floodplains, and bushfire risk areas. If the environmental risks exceed the threshold, a DA will be required.

  4. Expert Guidance: Seek professional advice and guidance from experienced builders, architects, or planning consultants to ensure a smooth CDC application.

Complying Development Certification (CDC) offers a simplified and efficient pathway for various construction projects, allowing homeowners and builders to avoid the complexities of the traditional Development Application process. With faster approvals, reduced paperwork, and minimised council involvement, CDC provides a practical solution for those seeking a straightforward building process. However, it's crucial to ensure your project complies with all relevant standards and guidelines to make the most of this advantageous certification. Remember to consult with professionals and accredited certifiers to navigate the CDC process smoothly and bring your building dreams to life with ease. At Bibo Build, we offer turnkey solutions that will help you with the CDC and DA process. Our team of experienced professionals are here to help you every step of the way, from planning and design to construction and approvals. We can also help you find accredited certifiers and navigate the local council process.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your project.

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