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Modular Housing: The Solution for Adult Children Moving Back Home

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

As the world of architecture and design continues to evolve, modular construction has become a rising star, offering efficiency, versatility, and sustainability. As a leading provider of modular housing solutions, we are proud to present Bibo Build's latest achievement: the Burleigh Studio in Pymble.

In this blog post, we'll explore the unique features of the Burleigh Studio while shedding light on a current housing trend: adult children moving back into their parent's primary home.

The Burleigh Studio: A Compact Masterpiece

Measuring a compact yet comfortable 4 x 8 metres, the Burleigh Studio boasts a thoughtfully designed layout that maximises space. This modular home comprises one bedroom, one bathroom with a luxurious freestanding bathtub, and a versatile living area.

Drawing plan of a custom Bibo Build modular studio
Burleigh Studio layout in Pymble

Let's dive deeper into its remarkable features:

A freestanding bath tub in a bathroom with chrome shower head and screen

Bathroom Bliss: Minimalist Design & Elegance

The Burleigh Studio's bathroom is a serene sanctuary. With a minimalist design aesthetic and chrome finishes, it exudes elegance and simplicity. The crowning jewel is the freestanding bathtub, offering a touch of luxury for residents looking to unwind after a long day. A frameless shower screen adds a modern touch while maintaining an open and airy feel.

A room with windows overlooking green trees and light coloured floorboards

Terrazzo Tiles & Natural White Walls

The interior of the Burleigh Studio exudes sophistication with natural white walls and terrazzo tiles. This combination of materials imparts a sense of spaciousness and provides a clean canvas for residents to decorate according to their tastes and preferences.

Doors, Windows, and Practicality

Functional details matter, and the Burleigh Studio doesn't disappoint. Doors and windows are equipped with flyscreens, allowing for fresh air without the intrusion of unwanted pests. These thoughtful additions enhance the overall comfort and livability of the space.

Facade and Cladding: A Modern Statement

The Burleigh Studio's exterior is equally captivating. The building facade boasts standard (vertical) cladding without recess, presenting a sleek and contemporary look. The front facade features MOSO Bamboo Natural Classic, lending a touch of warmth and natural beauty to the structure. Meanwhile, the sides and rear showcase Colourbond Mini-ORB in the striking Monument Matte finish, adding a bold contrast to the design.

A modular home studio in a lush backyard
Our modular studios are designed to complement lush garden surroundings

Sustainable Living and Efficiency

At Bibo Build, sustainability is a core value. The Burleigh Studio reflects this commitment by incorporating eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient features, minimising its environmental footprint and ensuring long-term efficiency for its residents.

A Trend Worth Noting: Adult Children Moving Back Home

A notable trend has emerged in recent years – adult children returning to their parents' primary residences. Various factors, including economic challenges, evolving family dynamics, and the appeal of shared living spaces drive this trend.

Economic Considerations

The high cost of living, particularly in urban areas, has led many young adults to reconsider their housing arrangements. Returning to their parents' homes can provide much-needed financial relief, allowing them to save for future goals like homeownership or further education.

Changing Family Dynamics

Families today are redefining what it means to live together. The "boomerang generation" concept highlights a generation that moves back home or lives in a multi-generational household. A desire for stronger family connections and support networks often drives this shift.

Bibo Build's backyard studio in Pymble is a testament to modern modular design, combining elegance, sustainability, and efficiency. As the housing world evolves, the trend of adult children returning to their family homes underscores the importance of adaptable living spaces. The Burleigh Studio embodies these principles, offering a space that can evolve with the changing needs of its residents.

Contact Bibo Build today if you are interested in building a granny flat or studio in your backyard! We look forward to hearing about your project.


Join us for an exclusive open-home viewing event at this Burleigh Studio in Pymble, NSW.

Date: Saturday, 30 September 2023

Time: 10 AM - 12 PM

Location: Pymble, NSW [Address will be provided once you RSVP]

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