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Are you ready for extra space in your home?

Most studies have concluded that Australian homes are declining in size, but what happens when you run out of space or outgrow the space you’re in? Kids, relatives coming to live at home, new hobbies, and moving the office home are all perfectly valid but present a singular issues: they all demand additional space. Here is what a new space can do for your life.

Make space for your headspace. A busy family life can mean that constant noise is an unfortunate reality at home. Creating a sanctuary space for meditation, reading and calm can help you decrease stress and increase happiness.

Let your business grow. A study at Harvard university has concluded that making space for a home office can increase productivity immensely. No space for an office? A prefabricated home office might be just the thing. BIBO’s Bronte studio space is ideal for this scenario.

Give them a place to play. Are toys littering your house? It may be time to move the kids, their video games, and endless action figures out to their own space - and give you and your partner the space you need for some peace and quiet. Trust us, your feet will thank you later.

Get a hobby. Many sources conclude that getting a hobby can increase happiness. Whether its crafting, art, or sewing, you will need space to amplify your own creativity.

At BIBO, we create spaces for living. Your BIBO studio can give you the space you need to make room for that extra hobby, cut down on noise around the home, and give you and your partner the alone time while the kids play. Check out our studios to see which space might be right for you.

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