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Looking for a prebuilt home? Here’s what you need to know.

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Affordable housing options have developed leaps and bounds in the past few years, giving Australian consumers more options than ever. And contrary to popular belief, prefabricated homes come in many shapes, sizes and with more options than ever - making the decision more difficult in recent years.

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Is there a one size fits all option? No, the size of your prefabricated or prebuilt home is completely dependent on what you’re trying to use it for. Are you in need of a granny flat for a new family member to join your home? Or are you in need of a secondary suite or office to get a little extra solitude for work? Or maybe you’ve just bought a property and need a full-sized modular home for a weekend escape? All of these things contribute to the size of the home and the floor plan you’ll need to pick the option for you.

Modular or prefabricated? Modular housing uses a set of modules or architectural elements to construct a house that’s custom in design. That option is usually only marginally less expensive than a traditional designed-and-constructed custom home. Prefabricated homes and studios are often much less expensive, less time-consuming and offer more value than custom projects.

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Is it as easy as choosing a home and buying it? Wrong. Installing a prefabricated home is often a more complex process than people are comfortable taking on. Planning, purchase, construction, certification, installation, lighting, climate control, glazing, and lighting are all a part of the prefab housing process.

Are prefabricated homes less durable than normal homes? That completely depends on the material and construction involved in making the home. Utilising a steel frame, as we do with our BIBO products, you are guaranteed to have a home or studio that lasts far longer than most other options.

At BIBO, we create studios and homes that defy the difficulties encountered by our competitors. We handle the entire process end to end and create homes that are durable and ready for habitation directly after installation. The Australian modular and prefabricated housing movement will never be the same. Check out our studios to see which space might be right for you.

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