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Transform Your Backyard with the Burleigh Range: A Case Study in Lane Cove

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

At Bibo Build, we take great pride in creating functional and stylish spaces for our customers. Our recently completed project in Lane Cove, NSW, showcases the versatility and craftsmanship of our Burleigh Range. We tailored the 8m x 3.3m structure to meet the needs of a growing family that also required a dedicated home office space.

A modular home studio perched atop a higher ground surrounded by leafy greenery
Bibo Build's 8 metre x 3 metre Burleigh Range

The Burleigh Range is known for its sleek design and spacious interiors, making it an ideal choice for various purposes. We incorporated a unique recessed façade design for this project, giving the structure an attractive and modern aesthetic. The timber colour chosen was bamboo in its natural shade, laid vertically to add an interesting visual element to the exterior.

A floor plan design of a Bibo Build Burleigh Model
Kitchenette and Workstation to the left side, sofa bed and TV to middle

We carefully planned the interior of the building to maximise functionality and comfort. The floor plan includes ample storage space for garden tools, such as a lawnmower, ensuring a clutter-free environment. The final kitchen joinery seamlessly integrated a kitchenette and a desk, providing a practical workspace within the studio. To flood the interiors with natural light, we installed double-glazing triple sliding doors and windows with an impressive height of 2.5 meters.

Interior of Bibo Build Burleigh Model
Plenty of natural light

To cater to the customer's needs, we incorporated solid walls at the front of the structure, allowing for a TV or artwork placement. The decking design ensures seamless access to the studio, creating a harmonious transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

A living room with a couch and mounted television on the wall, as well as vinyl records.
Interior of this Burleigh studio

The choice of interior colours further enhances the overall aesthetic. The floor features a beautiful Hawaii oak finish. At the same time, the tile selection is Terrazzo Light Grey for both floor and wall, adding a touch of elegance to the space. The joinery is crafted from natural oak, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Bathroom with mirror, sink, toilet bowl and shower

As with any project, we faced unique challenges that tested our expertise and problem-solving skills. Plumbing proved to be a hurdle, as the studio was situated in the backyard, necessitating the installation of plumbing lines underneath the main house. Furthermore, our skilled plumbers carefully cut and planned multiple rings of retaining walls to surround the back end of the backyard.

The complexity of the build location added another layer of intricacy to the project. We had to construct the building on top of a garden bed and partially on an existing concrete slab meant for a shed. By repurposing the slab, we minimised demolition work and reduced costs. Additionally, multiple stairs posed a logistical challenge during the construction process. However, our team's expertise and attention to detail ensured a smooth execution.

One notable aspect of the site was a large tree, which fortunately did not hinder the project. A preliminary examination confirmed it was an exempt tree, allowing us to proceed without complications.

Overall, completing this Burleigh build in Lane Cove highlights Bibo Build's commitment to delivering high-quality structures catered to the specific needs of our customers. The combination of functionality, stylish design, and attention to detail creates a versatile space that caters to the requirements of a growing family while providing a comfortable and efficient workspace.

A living room with a couch and wooden floorboards, plus pouffes around it
Interior of this Burleigh studio

For those seeking to better utilise their backyard and expand their living space or add a functional office to their backyard, our Burleigh Range offers the perfect solution. Contact us at Bibo Build, and let our team of experts help you create a custom-built structure that suits your needs and enhances your lifestyle.


We are excited to invite you to an exclusive open home viewing event for our recently completed Burleigh build in Lane Cove, NSW.

Date: Saturday, 24 June 2023

Time: 10 AM - 12 PM

Location: Lane Cove, NSW [Address will be provided once you RSVP]

To ensure we can accommodate all our guests comfortably, we kindly request that you RSVP for the event with the number of guests that will be attending.

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