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What do I look for when deciding on Granny Flat plans?

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Want to add value to your property and space to your home? Need a special area for study, hobbies or just a little quiet time? A granny flat is your best option.

If you decide to add a flat to your property, it’s essential that you pick a suitable floor plan, so that your new space is fit for purpose. To help you get started here are some of the most important questions to ask when deciding on granny flat plans.

What do you need your granny flat for?

The granny flat’s intended use should be at the top of your mind when choosing plans. If you’re using it as a home office or hobby area, you might only need a simple one-room plan like Bibo’s Bronte studio. This will give you ample space for a desk and small lounge away from your home at an affordable price.

On the other hand, if you’re using the space as a spare bedroom, kids playroom or second lounge, you might want more space. A larger build like Bibo’s Burleigh or Barossa may be more suitable for these purposes, as they give you the option to include a separate bathroom and bedroom if required.

Will it be habitable or non-habitable?

If you’re intending to use your granny flat as an extra bedroom, it needs to meet minimum standards under Australia’s building code:

  • Ceiling height in the room must be at least 2.4 metres.

  • The room must have windows which ventilate and let in natural light.

  • Damp proofing must be installed in the building.

Further rules also apply depending on which state you’re in. In NSW for example, when the extension is intended to be used as a habitable space and it’s over $50,000 in value it must comply with BASIX certification. This means it must meet rigorous standards around water, thermal and energy efficiency.

Obtaining this certificate can be complex and expensive because of the need to modify designs, upgrade materials and go through the lengthy certification process. To simplify the entire process and save you time and money all Bibo studios are BASIX certified as standard at no extra cost to you.

What are the council requirements around your granny flat?

Additional to the Australian building code, each state council will have its own requirements. These rules may limit the size of an additional dwelling, require permits to build the flat or place limits on who is allowed to live in them. To ensure you’re operating within the law check with your local council before you build anything.

Will you need to customise your granny flat?

When constructing a granny flat, it’s more practical and affordable to build off existing plans than to design from scratch. However, this approach can be inflexible and may make it difficult to get exactly what you need in your granny flat. To solve this problem, Bibo’s granny flats offer several options for customisation. You can choose between three or more different plans per design which customise the:

  • Number of rooms.

  • Position of windows and doors.

  • Size of interior spaces.

  • Inclusion and positioning of bathrooms.

If you need help deciding what granny flat floor plans are right for you, get in touch with the friendly team here at Bibo. We’re happy to help you make decisions during the planning phase and beyond.

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