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Which footings are best for a studio or granny flat?

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

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Buildings don’t stand the test of time if they’re not constructed on solid footings. That’s why choosing your granny flat or studio’s footings and foundations are such an important part of the process - make the wrong choice and you could cut decades off your studio’s lifespan.

With that in mind, we’ve run through a few useful tips so that you can make sure that you feel confident in making the right decisions.

Choose a studio that’s compatible with different footings

Before you commit to any build, you should make absolutely sure that it’s compatible with a wide range of footings. If you don’t, you might find that the type of footing your newly purchased studio requires aren’t suitable for your land or will cost far more than expected.

To make this part of the process easier, all BIBO studios are designed to be compatible with several different footing options including stump footing, screw pile footing and concrete blocks.

Consider stump footing

We generally recommend stump footing as it is often the most cost-effective. It offers:

● A fixed cost.

● No excavation required.

● Installation time that is much shorter than concrete.

● No rain delays.

● No engineering report required.

● Low workplace health and safety risk during installation.

● Adjustability in both plumb and level after your home is installed.

● Environmentally friendly, sustainable materials and installation.

● Instant bearing capacity of foundations so works can continue the same day.

This makes stump footing better, faster and cleaner than concrete. With that said, stump footing may not be the best option in all cases.

Choose the most effective option

Stump footing is suitable for most soil types including sand, silt, clay, fine gravel and even some sedimentary rock. However, harder, less penetrable soils may require a different approach such as concrete piers.

If you’re thinking about installing a granny flat or studio, you should seek an expert opinion on which footings are best for the job. Give the team at BIBO Build a call, and we’ll send our in-house expert around right away to inspect your site and provide a quote.

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