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Council-Free Bibo Studio Options: Easy Building Guide

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Undertaking a building project and navigating council approvals can be overwhelming, often leading to increased costs, time, and stress. However, for those considering the construction of a Bibo Studio in their backyard, there are alternative town planning options that can revolutionise the process, minimising complexities and maximising efficiency while helping you avoid the lengthy Development Application (DA) process. This blog post delves into the various Bibo Studio options, National Construction Code, and critical considerations for a triumphant building project.

Size, Use & Approval Process: Unlocking the Right Path

Two alternative town planning options emerge for constructing your Bibo Studio: building it as a non-habitable "fancy shed" or obtaining a Complying Development Certification (CDC).

A. Building as a Non-Habitable Fancy Shed: A Bibo Studio designed as a non-habitable fancy shed does not require approval, provided it adheres to building size caps (up to 20m2) and setback requirements (generally 90cm to boundaries and the main house). This option proves ideal for smaller Bibo Studios without needing amenities like bathrooms or kitchens.

B. Complying Development Certification (CDC): Embracing CDC offers many advantages, including cost-effectiveness, faster processes, and certainty through compliance checks rather than traditional approvals. The maximum size allowed under CDC varies depending on the intended use: 20m2 for a non-habitable fancy shed, 36m2 for a habitable studio/office/garden room, and 60m2 for a granny flat with essential amenities.

Understanding the Council Pathway and Regulatory Guidelines: Key to Success

Bibo Studios come in various sizes, ranging from the compact 4-metre by 3.3-metre Bronte studios with no maximum size limit. Familiarising yourself with the council pathway and adhering to regulatory guidelines is paramount for a successful building project.

Lot Size: Ensuring your lot size aligns with your intended use is vital. New South Wales requires a minimum lot size of 450m2 for building a granny flat, while a habitable studio demands only 200m2. No specific land size is mandated for non-habitable fancy sheds.

Backyard Size: Supporting sufficient setback distances from property boundaries and the main house is crucial. The minimum setback generally stands at 0.9 metres, but this may vary based on your lot size, width, and intended use.

Proximity to Trees: Considering the proximity of large trees in your backyard is essential. Preserving their health and integrity often requires a 3-metre setback from significant or protected trees. Bibo Build's non-invasive footing system minimises the impact on surrounding vegetation.

Bush Fire, Flood, and Sewer Connection: Assessing potential risks related to bushfires and floods is vital, as is considering the distance to the nearest sewer line or point for proper wastewater management.

Power Connection and Energy Efficiency: Ensuring optimal energy efficiency by orienting your Bibo Studio correctly and exploring available power connection options is crucial to sustainability and long-term savings.

Investment Value and Sustainability: Building a Bibo Studio can augment your property's value. Delving into sustainable building materials and energy-efficient features contributes to reducing your environmental footprint.

Construction Industry Insolvency: Partnering with reputable builders or construction companies helps mitigate the risks associated with construction industry insolvency, ensuring a smooth and reliable project delivery.

Customised Design for Your Needs: Exploring custom design options tailored to your home and your specific requirements to ensure that your Bibo Studio serves its intended purpose perfectly, be it a home office, garden room, or granny flat.

Building a Bibo Studio in your backyard offers a versatile, cost-effective solution for creating additional space. By understanding Australian building guidelines and exploring alternative town planning options, you can avoid the complexities of dealing with the council while ensuring a successful and compliant building project. Remember to assess your lot size, proximity to trees, and other essential factors to maximise your Bibo Studio. Whether you choose a non-habitable fancy shed or obtain a CDC, there's a perfect Bibo Studio for every home. Happy building! —- At Bibo Build, we offer turnkey solutions that will help you with the CDC and DA process. Our team of experienced professionals are here to help you every step of the way, from planning and design to construction and approvals. We can also help you find accredited certifiers and navigate the local council process.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your project.

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